This website has been put together with the greatest care, based on the available plans, drawings, and technical descriptions. Nevertheless, reservations must be made with regard to the (marginal) architectural, structural, and constructive adjustments resulting from further requirements and wishes of authoritative bodies and/or utility companies and/or other parties involved. In consultation with the architect, the contractor may decide to use different materials or make amendments in constructions and/or to the state of the residences when this is necessary to obtain the required building/environmental permits or when this will facilitate the progress and/or quality of the work. The artist impressions (perspective drawings) and the interior design plans in this website are an impression. They should really be considered an ‘artist impression’ in which the illustrator may allow himself some artistic freedom. This means that the interior of the public spaces is shown according to the imagination of the illustrator. Even though we have aimed to be as diligent as possible, in this regard, no rights may be derived from these impressions. The decorated floor plans, as well as the dimensions of the sanitary units that are depicted with all the residences in this website, are purely indicative. This means that they do not fall under any delivery obligation. This website, therefore, will not be part of the contract documents. The depicted photos, images, and interior and exterior impressions are intended to give a (spatial) idea of the project. No rights can be derived from the above.