A city
to treasure

Amsterdam. Metropolis on the river IJ. A city with 845,000 inhabitants, more than 7,000 listed buildings, and 118,200 businesses. City of 180 nationalities. The cultural capital of the Netherlands. Centre for the arts and creative industries. Accessible city with 881,000 bicycles, 213 trams, and an metro line of more than 80 kilometres.

Amsterdam. Need we say more?

Trendsetting city to live in
Amsterdam constantly anticipates on the developments in the changing society. The historic canals appeal to anyone’s imagination. To the present day, residents, visitors, and organisations all feel very much at home in the centuries-old city centre.

Business district
The city’s business district is mainly located in De Zuidas area and in Amsterdam-Zuidoost. Both city districts contain around 4,000 registered companies. With around 1,950 organisations, the largest sector includes financial and business services. The opening of the new North-South metro line in July 2018, together with an excellent public transport network, has made the travel time to the business district no more than 15 minutes.
Even so, the most popular means of transport for the people of Amsterdam is the bicycle. There are 881,000 bikes in Amsterdam and no less than 63% of the Amsterdam residents use their bikes on a daily basis.

Arts and Culture
Art and culture lovers immediately feel at home in Amsterdam. With its large museums and world-famous pop music venues. Visit the Royal Concertgebouw, Carré Theatre and many art galleries. There are around four hundred cultural festivals and events per year. Amsterdam is the place to be for a good dose of arts and culture.

So much to discover

Amsterdam is home to a vast number of museums. There will be few people who have never heard of the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum, and the Anne Frank House, but there are so many other interesting museums and art galleries as well.

So many great neighbourhoods
The wonderful Jordaan neighbourhood is just a few minutes’ walk from SuperPrime Rentals Herengracht. It is a popular part of the city and celebrated in many folk songs. The neighbourhood was built in the 17th century for the middle classes. Shopping area ‘De Negen Straatjes’ (the Nine Streets) has gained international fame thanks to its diversity in independent shop owners.

Hotspot Noord
The city’s latest hotspot Noord lies across the river IJ. It is also the location of many events. Amsterdam-Noord is easy to reach with the free ferries behind Amsterdam Central Station and with the new metro line.

The Gateway to Europe
Amsterdam is easy to reach by plane, train, or even by boat. Schiphol Airport, with 16.8 million passengers a year, is one of the four largest and busiest airports in Europe. The airport is only 20 kilometres from the city centre and has a direct train connection from Amsterdam Central Station.

Wining & Dining
In Amsterdam, you will find nearly every famous cuisine known in the world. From refined, award-winning restaurants to a quick snack, Amsterdam has it. There is a restaurant for every budget, taste, and company. The city is packed with cosy bars, cafés and old-fashioned neighbourhood pubs.

Amsterdam, there is always so much to discover.